Took some time to re-organize my buttons and links, also added new buttons. December has just been a very busy month for me for real life goings-ons and the like.

ALSO!! the official V2 layout of the website is now in conceptual phase. Not that I don't like the sadgrl template and haven't made it work out for me, but after perusing so many neocities websites I'm willing to try my hand for a new layout from scratch!


Finally rolled out said planned iframes across the website! Now if you're on any non-shrine page outside of the Not Found and About pages it should be popping up. A bit of a shame that I can't make it dynamically change css inside the frame when you make a selection outside of said frame but I will settle for a static style for that.


finally worked out how iframes works!

gonna be a bit but I am gonna roll this across the site so no matter which main page you're on you'll be able to access the same updates without me having to update each page manually.

I know they're unwieldy and that there are other things that can be done but for the very simple way i'm using it I think it works decently well.