Welcome to my website!

About this website

This is a website that I'm just sort of doing as a hobby, alongside tinkering with html / css.

I do want to eventually be able to make something that is comprable to this theme from scratch but until then I'll settle for using this generated theme since it may be wise to keep my hobby tinkering separate from the functional website where I keep my neat links and other things.

Not that I want to give up on tinkering, but I don't also want to keep loosing the stuff that's on my pages every time I update the layout (or run the risk of such a thing happening)

I will say that I do have a few other hobbys, like playing games, reading, and a few other such things.

Some of the kinds of games that I like

  • platformers
  • rhythm games
  • some fantasy games, but only some

Some examples of games that I particularly like

  • Kirby games
  • Pokemon
  • Cookie's Bustle
  • Hollow Knight
  • Klonoa
  • Moon RPG Remix

I'll add more to this as I see fit or see relevant. Hopefully this is a bit more reasonably accessable across my old and new (but still old, it's an LCD monitor rather than these new LED monitors that are floating around and a couple years old at that) monitors.

My other pages are gonna be a little broken until I settle for a good color scheme for the main page