A handy place to put all the things I use for the creation of this website

Patterncooler - A website that I mostly use for seemless Backgrounds in a pinch. Generally good for personal websites in general but if you do want to use it for more professional or Commersial uses there are licenses you can buy on there for more high-res backgrounds. Still handy in concept but the website is down so peruse at your own risk.

Pattern.Monster is a good alternative to Patterncooler. It's got a couple of the same / real similar patterns and while it doesn't create as nice of tileable background images you can export them to being larger squares such that it's a decent work around.

the Pattern Generater from (the same people who made Dither me this) is also a good subsitute while Patterncooler is down.

There also seems to be a mirror / clone of Patterncooler here if you don't want to use the main site. The main site is still at least semi usable but with it's SEC Expired certificate error problem going on and the fact that one hasn't been able to actually export images without having to jump through some real hoops implies the website is down. That being said I don't really reccomend using the clone either, use it at you own risk.

Bg-Patterns also seems like a decent place to generate backgrounds for your website. The one big catch is that since it's mostly in japanese, it takes some translating to navigate the website and not all parts of it can be translated in english (or at least through firefox; some of it is images).

Between Patterncooler / it's mirror, Pattern Monster, and Bg-Patterns, they're decent to use for creating backgrounds for your website for free with regards to licensing so long as it's for non-commercial or personal use. It's common sense but don't use them for creation of commercial goods or sell / redistribute said patterns. - A good website with a couple of handy tools for generating color palettes and it also has a contrast checker.

W3Schools - Just a generally handy resource for both HTML and CSS Codings. A lot of the coding stuff I do is very basic stuff i've picked up over the years, but it is a good quick reference and a great place to learn. - A tool I use to generate Gradients in CSS.

Cool Text - A pretty good spot for retro logos as well as a nice antipixel button generator here.

To learn more HTML/CSS, check out these tutorials!

Sadgrl's webmaster Links - this is a handy resource and there are other good resources on sadgrl's webpages, so it's always good to take a quick look through there

Eggramen's also got some handy stuff for CSS coding as well as templates if you want to have a Neocities site and don't want to use either of Sadgrl's old or new theme maker for it.

Free Website Hit counter - for the hit counter at the front of the website

CSS Generator Tool - just a handy tool for some CSS stuff that I may or may not implement on my more custom coded shrine pages at a later date. - This one's just a html editor but it's the one I like to use for smaller implementation for things and text styling and the like. Haven't checked out the articles and I guess there's a pro HTML Editor but this is a good website for little editing. There are probably better websites out there though for really good html / css editing, not to mention whole programs made to do this so you don't need to actually use a website but this is what I like using on the fly. - a good place to find fonts, especially ones that are free to use - another good spot to find free to use fonts.

capstasher's collection,, anlucas, yesterweb, and 88by31, for various button collections.

Honestly this website that links to several others is a good place to start looking for 88x31 if you're not up for making your own.

as for stamps, most of them are found on Deviantart since that's where they were the most popular. I tend to link directly to the ones i'm using but like, maybe not a great place for 88x31 buttons but if you're looking for stamps it's an actual treasure trove.

You should, however, definitely make sure when you're grabbing stamps from deviantart that they're free to use (most generally are but some aren't so watch out!).

88 x 31 buttons are easiest to find either through the aformentioned avenues or through poking around other Neocities pages, as loads of people love to make / hoard them and put them up on their own site (sometimes they put them on other places like deviantart or tumblr but it's a lot less likely).

Blinkies though. there's definitely a couple of things floating around for that if you're not going to make a lot of effort to make your own. There's also The Blinkie Hoard if you want to make your own using a maker. The few I've grabbed off of Deviantart are appropriately linked though if you're looking for sources.

Dynamicdrive - it's got a lot of handy free to use resources on here, but i'd only reccomend it for those who have skills with html / css / javascript at an intermediate or above level. It's got some advanced stuff on there.

They do also have a combination antipixel and 88x31 button maker over there though which is also neat and / or handy, not to mention both's and the hekate2 88x31 button makers out there.

Earthbound text box maker - just very fun

Undertale & Deltarune text box maker - also very fun