Welcome to my website!

Just a good place to put links to places that I wanna keep track of that don't fit into either the general links zone or the Button collection zone (which is specifically linkable buttons to other Neocities sites if they've got buttons).

Upcoming games (Indepent development / not large franchises)

Tynk! and the Final Phonorecord - Virtualmoth's web blog - Tynk! and the Final Phonorecord is a game I’m looking forward to, and it’s good to have a link to the devlog for that somewhere.

Billie Bust up - Steam Page | Website -it's a musical platformer and I love musical and rhythm games a whole bunch.

Date Knight - Indiegogo - another up & coming game that I am looking forwards to

Astral Guard - Itch.io Page - an rpg game I'm looking forward to

Hollow Knight: Silksong - Steam page - really looking forward to that one

Breeze in the Clouds - Website - Another game i'm just really looking forward to.

Bits and Bops - (Official Website) an up and coming rhythm heaven-like game that actually really feels like a rhythm heaven game.

Radio the Universe - official game website - just a game that I've been looking forward to for quite a while and finally found it's official website for.

Other things I wanna track that do not have official websites

Rainshade - being developed(?) by Taxiderby. No webstie for it at the moment. There is a Patreon page though if you want to support the dev financially. Taxiderby also has an Itch.io Page!

Splendid.Land - website link - I'm looking forward to their game "Amazing Treasure Valley", and they do a lot of neat stuff. They recently made the game Franken so it's something to look forward to

Ponett - Just the website for the game dev behind Super Lesbian Animal RPG