Fear and Hunger Videos

Should You Play Fear & Hunger? - Just a really good primer for Fear and Hunger that's also pretty short and too the point. There are some mild spoilers but it's pretty great at breaking down Fear and Hunger such that you can choose if you want to play or not.

The Cruelest Video Game - The video that really popularized Fear and Hunger. I'd heard of it a little bit and was into it prior to this video really going viral but this is usually most people's intro to the game. Talks a lot at length about the game. Goes into the fact that the game has a way of hooking people into it while being grueling.

What actually happens in Fear & Hunger? - Story Analysis & Review - a pretty thorough analysis of the game for those really into it and would like to listen to people discussing it at length.

What Happens in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina - Full Story Analysis - Similar to the above but goes into it for termina and it's possibilities (as since there's currently no F&H3 as of now and the time of the video's release outside of a "it'll happen after F&H2 is done with development), goes more into what could be as there's a lot more forks in the road here than in F&H1

Fear & Hunger: An In-Depth Look at the RPG That Hates You - a pretty good video that can count as a review of the games, as well as including some nuanced discussion about "hard" games and what that really means, as well as digging into how it is "unfair" and what does "fairness" really mean when talking about games. it does levy some pretty good criticisms of the games as well.

The Worst Game I've Ever Played (in a good way) - a pretty interesting video on what exactly counts as "fair" or "unfair" given the theme pervasive to the games taht Knowledge and wisdom is power and all of that.

My Harrowing Time with Fear & Hunger 2: Termina - not particularly lore or anything, but a fun video to watch nonetheless.

Fear and Hunger is One Big Occult Metaphor and Here's Why - a fun little video about the links between the games and the links to classical Alchemy lore. An Interesting video to be sure.

The Tragic Horror of Fear and Hunger 2: Termina - a fantastic little video that talks more about fear and hunger 2: termina rather than the first game.

The Dark Lore of Fear and Hunger - Mauthedoog just really likes talking at length about Fear and Hunger lore. This one's okay, he's got a couple of other ones but those are more niche ones.