Undertale and Deltarune Videos

Just some good video reccomendations for undertale / Deltarune videos and stuff

How Undertale (Accidentally) Broke Me - a very thoughtful little video essay about Undertale's near-genocide ending

What The Internet did To Undertale - Another Undertale Essay

Why Undertale is Still A Masterpiece - a very very good deep dive video essay on undertale. Lot sof discussions about the whole of it, not just any one route.

Parasocial Relationships in OFF, Undertale and OneShot- a good video not really about any theories but a good one about games who kind of do parasocial relationships.

How Undertale & Deltarune Create fear - A good video on how Undertale and Deltarune create fear. It's not just about the 4th wall breaks

Noelle's Actions in Deltarune Explained - a really good deep dive on Noelle's character and how that gets explored within chapter 2 of deltarune

Diegetic Control in Deltarune and Why It's Important - A good video on the whole thing about the Player being distinct from the Protagonist in Undertale and By extension Deltarune, and how that's relevant for theories

Everything About DETERMINATION in Deltarune Chapter 2 - A video in a similar vein of the above Video with regards to Determination and Control as is relevant in Deltarune

Who Dr. Gaster Is and Why That Matters to Deltarune - A really good video that is mostly just a "for those who don't keep up with the datamining and glitch / mystery finding scene in undertale, who the heck is this guy and why is he important" video.

DELTARUNE / Kris is Dess! / Holidays, Angels, and More! - Just a real good video with theories surrounding Dess Holiday, Deltarune's De facto Gaster figure

DELTARUNE and the Fourth Wall || THE DEVICE THEORY [PART 1: SURVEY_PROGRAM] - An actually video essay on a Deltarune Theory. It is very good but important to consider that this is just part one of a series and on top of that this part 1 is in fact an Hour and a Half Long so it's a loong video compared to most of the rest of the videos here.

OFF - Tackling Morality in Video Games - not an undertale or a deltarune video but just putting this down here since it is sort of related and also just kind of in a simmilar spot as the rest of the videos here despite not being directly about undertale or deltarune in any sense

What was so good about UNDERTALE, anyway? (A mildly deranged retrospective) - a really good video that's a nice retrospective on undertale, and thankfully less than forty minutes long.

Unraveling Deltarune's Next Secret Boss with Airtight Thematic Analysis - a great video as far as speculating for deltarune secret bosses for chapter 3 onwards even if this one in particular just focuses in on chapter 3 specifically.

Everything About Gaster's Motif in the DELTARUNE Soundtrack - A Musical Mythbusting Odyssey - this one is roughly fifty minutes long but it's a great deep dive on gaster's motif and where it does or does not show up in Deltarune's greater OST / Chapter OST's.

How UNDERTALE Does Evil RIGHT - a pretty good video by Spaceman Scott on the genocide route and how undertale handles the whole "well why not be evil on purpose for edgy reasons" thing. It's really well done.

How Undertale PERFECTED Meta Storytelling - another pretty good video re: the genocide route. It's mostly just really good on meta storytelling

What Was Undertale Actually About? - a pretty good deep dive about the game as a metaphor for how people play with videogames in contrast to other games that are meta about games.

Perverted Sentimentality: An Analysis of UNDERTALE - the hbomberguy video on undertale, short but a good watch.