My Dreams Page!

Man I got some weird dreams. May fill this in with dreams I've had recently at some point but here's some of the common dream themes / plots that have Happened

Common recurring dream themes / plots

Kidnapped by the Owl king

It’s a weird recurring dream I get but it’ll be some sort of weird fantasy / magic realism blend type of setting (kind of isekai adjacent; similar sort of thing going on to the harry potter setting but also with less distressing things going on upon closer inspection and much more blended / well hidden with the modern day).

The gist of it is that

1. Fairies / the fey folk are real (step 0 is that magic is real and totally reality warping as well as the usual tropes about it), as are the various court systems alongside a very well hidden magic society (though not one without doors into and out of the “mundane” world though each side views the other with weird fascination). Sure other magical folk (be they humans or non-humans) also exist but they fey folk are important because

2. Boy howdy do the fey have different ideas about Marriage such that fairy marriages are a fundamentally different yet parallel beast to how marriages work in the US. Like not that fey don’t get wed out of romance or other things but it is SUPER common for it to be a business type transaction / bond thing such that they are very likely to do it for pragmatic reasons like business and creating ally factions and things like that (to create little courts of their own).

3. The Owl King for some reason specifically wants me to be his bride and this is in fact a bad thing as it’s totally okay in fairy rules for fairies to just steal people to make them servants or whatever. And while this is a much better spot than being stolen to be used for work or for entertainment purposes I still do not want to get taken since I likely wouldn’t see friends / family again. It’s rough because he’s really high up on the fairy court standings / is in a very high up position so I can’t just ask a more powerful fairy to tell him no since he’s already way more powerful than most faries.

So the whole thing is me trying to run and hide from the owl king, who just knows where I am and is coming to get me (and in a real rough way too, the guy just flys around and keeps trying to swoop down to grab me in the dreams to just carry me off dramatically like that).

Trying to find some book in the library

It’s always a different Library but man do I keep losing cool books with absolutely cool covers at the library. It’s almost always (or at least more often than not) some book with a sick dragon design on the cover that’s actually about dragons for real (that’s a super common issue; books with neat covers with dragons on them but they’re not actually about dragons). Sometimes it's a magical library, more often than not it's not.

The Magic Society

This runs more closely to the whole isekai wish fulfulment deal as it is similar to the owl king dreams but rather than some owl king trying to steal me to wed me, I am engaging with the magical setting on my own terms. It’s never exactly the same magical setting but the aesthetic for this and the owl king ones are in fact usually real similar.

That being said while I compare the hidden magic society to the whole harry potter thing as a convenient way to describe how it works, the aesthetic runs far closer to something like Final Fantasy XIV / Howl’s Moving castle or things like that where outside of neat Ghibli-esque overgrown spots a lot of it is just very similar to spots like the crystarium from ffxiv or perhaps even some of the spots in Bloodborne if it werent’ all covered in blood and beasts.

As well as a dash of various European styles which is eh, I used to watch a lot of whimsical travel stuff as a kid because I loved learning about far off places so it’d be lots of English / spain / France and other places across or around Europe.

If I still had my old art and architecture history book I’d probably be able to better describe it rather than just saying “well it’s all modern-gothic fusion with some rococo / renaissance flavoring”. Also just really wild that I learned more about architecture and have a real appreciation from that through an art history class that really should have been more about the arts (though now I do understand that Architecture is in fact an art form all it’s own the blending of making places to live and places to live and do things that also looks really appealing).