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Flight Rising - A dragon breeding pet game that has a number of fun things to do besides just breeding dragons

Lorwolf - Currently in beta, but Like flight rising but with Wolves instead of Dragons

Wajas - not like either of the above, it is a breeding sim that you can do some stuff with the Wajas (they're like wolves but with more fantasy flavor). An important distinction here is that lorwolf and flight rising run on a different breeding system than wajas does where you only get set XYZ colors.

Gryffs - Kind of like Wajas, but Gryphon flavored

Mythaura - A bit like Lorwolf and Flight Rising, also in development. There is a demo that is out but that's about it for things that are out about it right now.

Miscellaneous Links - Other links and things that I just want to put here rather than putting it into the general Bookmarks tab