My Internet Sona / Fursona

Yeah about that thing where i'm a casual furry (not big into the fandom but having a fursona anyways because it is fun and I specifically do NOT want my real life likeness online)

My sona doesn't have a name (could be called magic but I've never attached a name to the cat myself outside of calling it The Cat (tm) )and the only really consistent thing with my sona is simply

  • Is Cat or Cat shaped
  • must have brown eyes

I like coming up with different cat icons for the various social media websites i've been on through cat icon makers across the years and they tend to be sparkle cats

usually made in the neutralx0 cat icon maker or the defunct neko icon maker (you can reliably use it with flashpoint; technically works with ruffle but there's no live preview)

Never really had a standard look although I think i've settled a bit on the black and white one as of late. That being said the only super consistent thing across all the designs i've ever had is that the cat must have brown eyes just like me.

The running joke is that it's the same cat all along it just keeps changing up the look every few years.