Welcome to my Website!

There should be links here!

There really should be more text in here

There really should be more text in here

6/10/2022 I completed some more set up work on the website. Mulling over whether or not to do a complete overhaul of the website and maybe perhaps invest in some sort of html editor aside from doing this all by hand. BlueGriffon seems very tempting but i've heard that sometimes the html / css output isn't that great but it may be helpful for me to get this stuff out a bit faster than normal. I should poke around some more since Notepad++ is also a contendor to use here, not to mention Atom seems appealing.

Also did some adjusting so that the main textbox area isn't so big!

4/10/2022 got the Links page set up and stylized. I've yet to actually put anything in there though.